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  • Tue, Nov 15, 2011 - 03:26am

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 Not sure if this qualifies for this thread, but the injustice here is so unbelievable, I felt his story needed to be seen as many places as possible.

It has been quite an odyssey for Sturdivant since he woke from a nap just after 1 p.m. April 8 to go to the bathroom.

A police officer shot him in the stomach, which cost him a kidney. His house and business burned almost two months later while he was in jail. The tools and lawnmowers Sturdivant had in his shop for repair have been stolen. His antique Thunderbird and white Ford 150 pickup, electronics and HAM radio equipment that belonged to his father, the surveillance cameras positioned around the property, his clothes, important papers and even the door knobs and the key to his mailbox, all gone. He has no family and his only friend is already caring for an elderly mother and can’t take him in.

His crime? Shooting at a man (who incidentally has been jailed previously for property crimes) who mocked Sturdivant when he yelled at him to get off his property. He obviously didn’t hit the intruder, nor did he aim at the police who arrived shortly thereafter, but somehow he is the guilty party for trying to protect what he owns (and with reason … he had been the target of thieves before.)
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