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I cannot say what is best, but can offer comments on places that I have lived.  Right now, Indiana is where we call home.  We’ve been here for 17 years and I feel this is a good place for us to ride the storm out.  The growing season is fairly long and the winters are not overly harsh.  Throughout most of the year, rain is common except for a usual dry spell from mid July until September.  Even then, there are usually a few downpours that would fill a rain barrel.  The water table is not overly deep, so wells are not to difficult to dig or pump from.

The community is fairly strong in most areas.  It’s an area that still has a lot of small town local functions like the strawberry festival to raise money for the local fire department, or the evening concerts in the town I live in.  It’s one of the more gun friendly areas and was the first state to adopt the lifetime carry permit.

It’s by no means the perfect place to weather the storm, but it is far from the worst too.