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“Imminent Collapse”

  • Mon, Feb 22, 2016 - 04:34am



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    “Imminent Collapse”

We here at PP have a terrible record for assuming "the end is nigh" – me included – so now I'm trying to see what the guys on the other side of the hill are doing.  In a change from my analysis in prior years, I no longer assume things will simply proceed to their inevitable (and near term) doom without effective counter-measure attempts by our friends at Central Planning.

Admittedly, I've been guilty of being in the "Imminent Collapse" crowd for enough years to -unfortunately- lose a good deal of credibility w/ some less informed friends/family.  I think a lot of us have underestimated the influence of TPTB to affect "markets" and keep the ponzi going.  We all know here that it WILL come to an end, but timing it seems to be a fools errand.  

More recently, my solution has been to keep the majority of assets positioned for the "big reset" and speculate w/ a small percentage of the rest based on the clear patterns we've seen over the past few yrs.  So based on more recent precedent, they probably will come up w/ another "can kick" and smack the metals lower and rally the "markets" a little in the short term. So short term, I'm using a little spec money (that I can afford to lose) to short the metals/GDX and be long a few stocks.  Several yrs ago I would have thought that was blasphemy, but have learned to take the emotion out of it put the extra earned "fiat" into the other forms of capital Adam/Chris talk about.