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 There are more than a few that did not fare so well on the anger stage and are no longer on this  blog site .   Not sure they can even come back and read what others post because they had not control over their emotional tongue .  Feeling are hurt and trust and bond is broken .  It might help you to go back and see the major blow ups.. maybe ?  

    We do seem to go over and over the same things time and time again .  Someone will have a lightbulb moment and others are not ready to hear it  or shoot it down  with why it would never work .  Many talk but not do .  Some see things as a solution  others come from another direction .

  There are things we can not control and things we can . Start with yourself . Move to your innercircle of family and friends . Then move on to community .  You can not skip ahead in the plans or the foundation is not there . Live buy example .. as more lessons are caught than taught .

  Be aware that the frustrations come in waves .. you will be excited that your preps are coming along when something comes together as planned the  panic when the next step fails .

   I hope you have a more peaceful day .    Not everyone will make it .  You can not save everyone  you can  only hope to be one ready to start over when the dust settles .  IMHO  


  IMHO   , is all any of us  have here really .