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hybrid back-up power systems

  • Fri, Apr 08, 2011 - 04:41am


    Chaz Peling

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    hybrid back-up power systems

Hey for all you folks using gas, diesel or propane for a backup, OR full time generator for electric,

consider getting a good portable or fixed solar generator setup interfaced with your system,

if you want to save quite abit of run time and fuel usage overall.  

If you really look at your usage patterns, many times you will find you may be only using under 1000 watts

in your home, like maybe at night, or times during the day.  Especially if you go super efficient and power manage your uses.

Why should you run a gas or diesel generator all the time, or even half the time, when you could have a set of batteries charged

up by the sun AND/OR the running generator,  so you could turn the bigger generator off for awhile, and just run on battery and sun

for many things.  Most good solar power systems will include an inverter/charger, that will put up to a 100 amp charge on your battery bank,

from external AC, which will charge up a decent sized battery bank in a just a few hours.  

We have been running hybrid solar/gas generator electric systems for several years off-grid,  

and I  only run the gas generator if I either need lots of watts, or the weather has been funky for solar input and the batteries are down.

I figure you could cut your generator run times and  fuel usages to to 1/4 or less, if you had the right solar setup intertied,

AND did efficient apps and power management.

In a longer “emergency backup power” situation, where you can’t get your fuel reserves replenished easily,  

one might want to have some way to really ration that precious fuel, and still have enough electric to run the critical apps, for extended times.

Own your personal, sovereign power.

Chaz Peling

SolSolutions LLC