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The honey looks good.  My honey is much darker in the later season, but I live in Maine.  I fill 8 ounce bottles to share with my neighbors and friends. 

This is my second year and I got 6 gallons out of my two hives.  Both hives are strong and should survive the winter.  One that was a bit weak I fed a bunch of candy and left a few frames in a honey super.  My base hive consists of two deep supers and when I collect honey I use honey supers which are a bit less deep and weigh considerably less when you remove them from the hive. 

I had trouble getting my bees into my second honey super this summer but that was because they were not producing any honey it was hot and wet at that time.  The bees just wanted to eat what they had stored not collect any new stuff.  Once the weather cooled the bees got busy and collected a bunch of honey.  We had two or three very wet weeks and a week and a half of very hot weather. 

Both my hives weigh over a hundred pounds so they should survive the winter in southern Maine. 

In many locations you need a license to sell honey so check your state laws.