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Histories Support in Justification of America Bashing …

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    Histories Support in Justification of America Bashing …




In most every case, every country is in the line of fire of the United States by cause and effect. The United States policy is a Rogue State, and the blowback from it is becoming ever more dangerous now, than at any time in prior human history. The United States military will not stop without bankruptcy, and these are the exact terms that have been set by the rest of the world. With luck, we’ll have more than a single solitary blade of grass standing when it crashes.



I’m curious as to what was the source of all evil in the world before America came along? 

FWIW, I’m not in favour of us being in Afghanistan and we have a great number of problems in this country that are more serious, in my opinion, than at any other previous time in history, but surely, surely, America has had some help getting the globe into this dilemma.  It always takes two (and often many more) to tango.  I can really do without the America bashing.


And Aaron … this one’s for you, especially the part at the end.  I envision you being the type of individual like the Navy corpsman.



I’ve given you the benefit of the doubt on many an occasion. I have even waited patiently for weeks for a reply to your stubborn stance with the line that you draw in the sand with popularised media contaminated versions of revisionary history. I have even gone as far as returning Private Message in attempt. Now my doubts in your validity are confirmed.

Lets not hedge.

Lenin was once quoted as saying that : –

“A lie told often enough becomes the truth”.

There again, Dresden James is quoted as stating that : –

“A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous, and its speaker a raving lunatic”.

In reference to that statement – Brainwash: The Science of Thought Control ~ by Kathleen Taylor [PDF link] – had this to say on the second paragraph of page 210 : –

This need to operate at a distance puts two obstacles in the influence technicians’ path. The first is the amount of time and effort it takes to change belief, especially if the change is to be significant and long-lasting. Whipping up strong emotions can help, but the new beliefs must still be reinforced, again and again, until they become so habitual—so automatized—that the chance of their being challenged is greatly reduced. Until they are safely below the threshold of consciousness, these new cogwebs will not fit comfortably into the rest of the target’s cognitive landscape. And until they stop sticking out and attracting attention, there is always the danger that the target may be prompted to doubt them.

To quote another forum member – “Accepting what you intuitively believe without any evidence, yet demanding an exorbitant amount of evidence to disprove what you haven’t even thought about” – is frankly an insult to my intelligence.

You knew fine well that the video above of Oliver North that you posted is a grave insult to the truth behind the man, and of the present stock of chattel – such as Aaron Moyer – thrown to the dogs of another war as nothing more than cannon-fodder, in his naive assumption in the protection for a people who were cast in such despicable levels of poverty by the very hypocrisy of American policies themselves.

Isn’t Oliver North’s personal re-written history – along with his personal re-writing of history – enough to stop you in your tracks at this grave error that is manifesting itself into a calamitous third world war to end all wars, while the people of the United States suffer in droves for the present expense of it, both financial and personal?

Can you not discriminate a lie from a truth?

I have a well thumbed copy of a book sat on my shelf authored by Gary Solis entitled –Son Thang: An American War Crime.

It covers, in grave detail, Oliver Norths support in the aquittal of Randy Herrod, a Marine formerly under his command, charged with the mass killing of sixteen civilian Vietnamese women and children. At the time of the hearing, it brought about a great deal of public discussion in the need for public judicial accountability, rather than the use of military courts. One reviewer’s account of the book had this to say : –

Brutal atrocities by members of armed forces of questionable pedigree and dubious professionalism have been the stuff of numerous front page stories since the deconstruction of the Soviet empire. The apparent intransigence or inability of particular governments to punish genocidal rapes and murders, reprisals, and pillaging have prompted collective reaction in the call for establishment of an international court for the trial of war crimes. To the consternation of our friends and the comfort of our enemies, the military establishment of the United States has opposed such a tribunal, asserting ,on the one hand, that our domestic military law affords sufficient deterrence for U.S. forces, while insisting on the other that an international court offers too great a risk of rail-roading innocent American soldiers, sailors, and aviators.

Leaving the very best until last for the lies spewed forth by Oliver North and those that back his despicable war crimes, do I have to remind you of the Iran Contra Affair yet again?

The planner in the procedure in the illegal sale of American weaponry through Israel as proxy?

Weapons sold to Iran that contravened all known global security multi-government policy, in gaining the release of six United States hostages, held by the Lebanese Shia islamist group Hezbollah, was not enough to hang North for war crimes? 

The money gained from this trade of weaponry was then used to gain funds for the Contra’s in Nicaragua – Read : – The Boland Amendment – in support of payment in supply of weaponry and uniforms; an army who were also backed with useful American militia training at The School of the Americas in Georgia. 

The Contras were empowered with the funding of American funnelled monies to stop attempts by the Sandinista government holding power in Nicaragua, after they had relinquished President Somoza, who had given forty-four years of American supported tyrannical rule that had reduced his people to an 83% malnutrition rate, along with substantial world debts of $1.6 billion to the IMF and World Bank etc. This collosal figure stood as the countries burden back in 1983. A great deal of this money, incidentally, was spirited away as Somoza fled the country.

The arguement that was set by President Reagan at the time was that this little band of Sandinista’s – that simply wanted to be left alone in support of their country – could invade Texas; that they were a threat to public safety in the United States – justifying the support of the Contras in mass murder, torture, rape and pillage, on behalf of the American government that were in support of corporate interests.

Not surprisingly, just as disgraced ex-President Nixon was pardoned by President Ford for much of what have become blowbacks over these past years for the United States, so North was pardoned by President H. W Bush in 1988 – along with eleven of the other accomplices who were also charged. most every one of them were then given gainful employment in one department or other within the inner circle of the Bush administration and beyond..

Surely this documentary from 1983 will confirm much of what I’ve written, proving that what is sold to the American public is fully counter to reality : –

“All that is necessary for the forces of evil to win in this world is for enough good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke

~ VF ~