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hillary clinton & victimhood

  • Tue, Nov 01, 2016 - 06:07pm



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    hillary clinton & victimhood

Good article by a Republican commentator at The Hill.

Good in that he pretty well summarizes my own feelings on the matter.

Hillary Clinton is not the victim. End of story.

Yet for the Democrats, the idea of Hillary’s victimhood reveals itself to be the go-to response for both the WikiLeaks scandal and the latest bombshell announcement from FBI director James Comey.

The strategy is fairly straightforward: 1. Ignore the substance; 2. Attack the messenger; 3. Paint the candidate as the victim.

[… but …]

If we gave any voter the task of listing one-hundred words which describe our greatest presidents, “victim” would not be on it.

Strategy seems ill-advised.  Plus, the whole mess is one of their own making.  Hubris, rules don't apply, plus the desire to milk as much money as possible from the whole affair.  Extreme cupidity.  Really appalling.  You don't get to meet with Sec State Clinton unless you've contributed to the CGI.

Did I mention really appalling?  And low class, too.

Heaven only knows what the next 15,000 emails contains.