Hello PC MD… regarding anti-virals…

  • Sat, Jan 15, 2022 - 02:32am


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    Hello PC MD… regarding anti-virals…

Most of my work has been on IVM, HCQ, and natural compounds (like mushroom and mushroom extracts) that have antiviral properties.  Some of it can be found spread out in the “ultimate prophylactic cocktail” thread, but we should probably try to re-create what we know in one place so that it’s more accessible.  I do think we want to be proactive in lining up ideas for future threats – different classes of viral and/or bacterial threats.

As always, there is terrain, and there are anti-virals.  It’s pretty clear for instance that high Vitamin D sufficiency, i.e. >/= 50 ng/ml, provides for a stronger shield against ALL infectious disease.

Here’s an interesting bit of info. I found at one point;

Agarikon (Fomitopsis officinalis) As a Potential Smallpox Remedy – NPR Interview with Paul Stamets