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    health care

 POET , I hope your wife is right .   My daughter finally ( at age 28) had the money saved to go to school for nursing.     Crazy thing is her younger sister (age 17 ) is a CNA at an elderly care home  and  says  she will never want to be a fat, grumpy nurse ,who sits and passes out pills to shut people up and make them sleep.   1 CNA to 8 people   how many nurses are needed I wonder ?   Anyway they choose where their hearts lead  even if the pay sucks .

  I  dread the day I need either ones help but there comes a time we can not do things on our own and we need the help.    My mom said  if she makes it that  far .. to just to push her wheel chair out on the deck on the coldest night of the year  .     Lovely  dinner conversations we do get going .

  I hope it works out for your wife .