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Hard Assets Alliance

  • Tue, Jun 10, 2014 - 11:09pm



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    Hard Assets Alliance


Time to jump into Hard Assets Alliance, no?, with some metals out of the country?

Has anyone here had experience with said organization?   Ken


I've been using them, although I haven't been keeping my metal outside the country.  I have a hard time grasping the benefit of keeping your metal outside the country if you a) live in the US and b) the service you're using is a US company susceptible to all the regulations that come along with it.  Overall I like their service but would rather have my metal in close geographical proximity so if I feel there is increasing regulatory/jurisdictional risk I can take delivery on it as quickly as possible.  Others may have different opinions on this that I'd be curious to hear, but I don't feel like jurisdictional risk is adequately addressed unless the vault you're storing it in isn't accountable to the US.