Happy hour is a good idea!

  • Fri, Mar 06, 2015 - 04:57am



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    Happy hour is a good idea!

Hi Tyler,


I'm not usually available after work due to wanting to get home and see my kids before they go off to bed. But given enough lead time, I might be able to plan to attend the first part of a 5pm get together.


I bet there are others in the Portland Prosperity group that are in your situation though, and an evening gathering would be better. Do you want to coordinate a happy hour and see who bites? I get the impression that there are several PPers on the West Side, maybe a lunch or happy hour in Beaverton? I might be able to do lunch if it's not too far off the Max line.


Also, Solana and I talked about having a park day for those of us with kids. Just a thought if you're in that boat.


Would you be willing to throw something out there for the rest of us to weigh in on?