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  • Mon, Sep 16, 2013 - 03:27am



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Thanks for the support Don and Jansen.

Jansen – In my situation I found that being an example worked slowly but assuredly. At first, I focused solely on my behavior and didn't comment on hers. To get the food I wanted, I said I would shop for my own groceries and cook for myself (highly unusual). I started buying castile soap and making my toothpaste. When I got the economy car, she knew I was very serious. In my experience, anyone can shuffle off the consumerism habits that most people grow up with, but it takes a few years of seeing how it's done. 

Don – My happiness has indeed been boosted by these lifestyle changes, but perhaps not the expected way. Having less stuff, the increased flexibility, and the broad-spectrum detachment from belongings, activities and people have all significantly contributed to my self-peace. However the major impact on my happiness was not for these reasons. While having less stuff has made me noticeably more peaceful, the major contribution to my happiness has been because of my measurable progress toward achieving my goals. From time to time, I honestly miss my former luxury cars and home theater. When I start thinking of trading-in my old Honda for a plush car, I remind myself that a plush car takes me further from my goals. All of my goals support realizing and performing my major definite purpose on Earth (which is admittedly a bit vague at the moment). Steady progress toward a well-defined goal makes me profoundly happy.