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Hand tools

  • Sat, Jul 14, 2018 - 08:22am

    David Allan

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    Hand tools

Heres a few suggestions. Firstly get good quality hand tools. We don’t know how things will unfold but in my opinion anyone expecting to use power tools may not really understand the implications of the second law of thermodynamics.

So lets start in the garden. Spades and shovels and forks, a rake, hoes for weeding. A variety of spare handles. For spades I recommend a steel handle – heavier but wont break. A wheel barrow or two – heavy duty, and get spare wheels.

For the orchard – pruning saws, secataurs, ladder. I have a pole pruner which can also be used for harvesting fruit and nuts.

Firewood – a good wood splitter / axe, I bought some old crosscut saws cheap on the internet both 1 and 2 man saws – haven’t used them yet as the chainsaw is soo much easier while fuel is available. Secataurs for the smaller stuff and for coppicing.

I made hay manually for a couple of years to learn what to do. After buying several old pieces of rubbish I found the best scythe to be the modern scandanavian type. More expensive but very effective and easy to use.

Good second hand tools are are readily availible on the internet. Drills and bits , saws etc. I got a 3 tonne block and tackle for $20 – may eventually come in handy for winching up a slaughtered cow or dragging something heavy.