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Greeb Burials

  • Thu, Apr 09, 2009 - 03:32pm

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    Greeb Burials

We had a green burial for my father. We buried him in a field and planted a tree on him, there are about 100 or so other tree-burials there and room for maybe 1000 more, so in about 20+ years it will really start to look like a woodland, rather than just a scrubby field with some young trees in – as it does now!


We couldn’t go the whole hog green-wise and have a eco-cardboard coffin cos we were afraid his mum might jump on it in an overblown guesture of grief and fall through, so we had to go for the less eco hard-wood coffin!


Also, we weren’t allowed to choose the tree. I would certainly opt for edible trees as a rule, although I want to be buried under a yew – the berries of which are edible, by the way – BUT NOT THE SEED. SPIT IT OUT.


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