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It’s a shame this topic has seen no recent posts since December 2009.  It is now March 26, 2011.. and hopefully you did buy some gold even though Eecutive Orders and historic precedence have shown that indeed the Government can take gold.. or at least declare it illegal to own and transact with.  Our freedoms have been leached from us one at a time.

Now we have a hyper inflated currency, and the Banks and Corporations of America clearly own the Federal Reserve.  They play favorites, and have run the currency into the ground.. and I believe now more than ever that main stream american media.. Fox News, WSJ, this new …  they are all pushing us to buy gold.  And when the Giant media outlets start telling you this.. For me at least, it makes me want to run the other way.  Executive Order 6102 and it’s later counterparts are not taught in history class.  Few people even know that it exists or was a reality.

By pushing for gold and encouraing it’s purchase, we further run our currency into the ground and claim gold a victor over the safe haven theory of gold vs. the dollar.  So not only has the world already lost faith in the dollar, the next step is for America to lose faith.. and the plan is going down without a hitch.

So what do we all do?  Move to Canada while we still can?  Mexico?  Please, those borders will be closed should anything like what people talk about in this post happening.   We have to restore faith in our money, we have to get rid of the Fed.. and I fear to do this means revolution.  Because the money powers that be that control our fed, and our way of life, and enslave Americans in debt.. do not ever want to give up that power.  When American’s finally wake up, it will either be too late, or we will have no chance to stand up and fight with guns the government is trying to take away, and an internet full of the truth NOW, that the government is trying to censor and has already given itself power to confiscate domain names.

Now the question, what other option exits besides this?