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Good Grief

  • Thu, Jul 09, 2009 - 04:54pm

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    Good Grief

A fellah goes and gets the flu for a couple days and all heck busts loose.  

(off-topic:  I’ve been flat-out with some kinda flu — 104+ fever, crazy shakes/tremors, respiratory distress, SWEATS, bleck! — for about 2-1/2 days.  I hope it was swine flu so I’ll be less likely to get it this Fall if’n it comes back…But I guess I must be better because I’m as hungry as heck [and the fever’s down to 99.5])

As those who are regulars here on know, I’m a lover not a fighter.  I rarely see the point of getting involved in dustups over this or that point.  This place is my post-grad/pre-SHTF university.  (though the "pre" in SHTF is looking less and less accurate)  Different people come here for different reasons.  My reason is to hoover up information and knowledge and to offer up the same when I feel like I have something folks might find useful.  And one huge reason I come here day after day is for the camaraderie.  Nearly none of the people I see each day have the knowledge and mindset to constructively discuss the world that is coming.  I need like I need air.  So I don’t understand people who come here looking to bash heads, whether the subject is Climate Change, Religion vs. Politics or whatever Conspiracy Theory.  Don’t we all have more pressing things to do than to try and "prove" that the Bilderbergers are going to do us all in (or whatever)?  But again, if that’s your thing, so be it.

I haven’t seen the threads that got Sam banned since I don’t wade into the CT forum, so goodness knows who did what to who first.  Sam at his best is warm, helpful, enthusiastic, and an active member of this community.  I did notice of late that some of his posts would have a harsh sarcastic edge to them, and that was new (to me at least).  But on balance, I’ll miss Sam and hope he makes his way back eventually.  By the same token, this is CM’s website, he makes the rules, and he calls the shots.  

It is interesting that Controversial Topics metastasized up into even this thread.  They really are, IMO, insidious that way.

Now, to make a sandwich.  I haven’t really eaten in 2 days.  

Viva — Sager