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  • Fri, Jul 24, 2009 - 03:32pm

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Hi Rog-

If I had unlimited resources and could build for goats – since I live up north I would build them a green house, hoop building so the goats and chickens could eat fresh grass throughout the winter. They would get plenty of sun since the sun is closest during the winter and the hoop house would have plenty of water-anti-freeze tanks to hold heat over night time.

They would all be allowed to graze a section at a time and that would be the absolutely best milk and eggs anyone could produce. If I would have thought it through, I wouldn’t spend $5,000+ on haying machinery (tractor, rake, scythe cutter, wagon and baler).

The other addition to the Storey Goat books information is parasite control can be done naturally by frequently changing pasture and we use diatomnous earth (which some how got called "death economist earth" by the kid in the family). 

Good luck and remember to never bend over near a goat with horns =)