Investing in precious metals 101


  • Fri, Dec 30, 2011 - 05:57pm

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I am currently employed as a chemist and have worked in ag chemical R & D several years.  Glyphosate works in plants by disrupting the shikimic acid pathway.  This pathway is found in plants, not humans.  The acute oral LD50 of glyphosate in rats is 4320 mg/kg.  The LD50 of nicotine in rats is 50 mg/kg.  A two order of magnitude difference alone is an eye opener.  Now think about how much glyphosate is smoked each year.

Chemically, glyphosate consists of glycine (an amino acid) and a phosphate molecule. This molecule breaks down very quickly in the environment and is regarded as one of the safest to use.  I personally use it without gloves or a mask and have done so for 25 years.  Two months ago we planted Round-up Ready Alfalfa and have already sprayed it.  The State of California requires no postings for Round-up use and there is no re-entry time limitation.

There are things to be concerned about  on this planet.  Round-up is not one of them.