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Full Moon wrote:  Wow . 

  • Tue, Nov 15, 2011 - 02:33am

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    Full Moon wrote:  Wow . 

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  Wow .  Takes me 2 hours for twelve birds  by myself!     I must tell one little story .  One year I was having a little longer morning sickness and waited a few extra months to butcher out the turkeys .  They got so big that It took me 7 whacks with the ax to take off each head !  I was not humane by the third -5th bird .. I said "die ,die , die ! "  Boy were they easy to gut .. the hand reached right in  to the elbo !  But the next challenge that came   was that they were too big for the oven !!  I had to take all the racks out and set the roaster on the bottom of the oven .   Those turkeys ended up  close to forty pounds each        .   Life on the farm .. always something new to learn !!



Hey Full moon, I just had the same experience today, (except that I can’t use morning sickness as an excuse unless my wife is secretly pregnant). I received two nearly full-grown turkeys over the summer, a Tom and a hen. I finally got around to doing the deed today and the Tom was huge, really huge. Comparable to a fifty pound sack of feed after being fully dressed. There was no way he would fit in the oven and even if he did, no way were we going to invite over enough people to eat him. So I cut him into pieces: two (huge) drumsticks, two wings, and the carcass into quarters. Even though the hen was smaller, she still would have been too big for Thanksgiving, so I cut her up too. We’ll be eating turkey for a long, long time.