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  • Mon, Aug 28, 2017 - 03:39am

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What was the fuel that burned hot enough and long enough to melt steel? We are apparently being told it was office machines, paper, desks, chairs ,cubicles, water coolers, toilet paper, paper towels, somebody's sweater left draped over a desk.

As far as I have seen there is no mention of anything of substance that would burn hot enough and long enough to melt steel.

Lots of buildings in the immediate area were hit by debris, yet this is the only one to have caught fire as a result. What exactly was it that hit WTC 7 that caused a fire. The NIST has ruled out any accelerant. The jet fuel from the planes would have been totaly gone in a matter of minutes (fireball)

Anyone accepting the official story please feel free to provide the data. In the meantime I am firmyl convinced of the single bullet theory