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front sight 2010

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    front sight 2010

I went through front sight a while ago – back in 2010.  I did the 4-day pistol course, 2-day rifle, and 2-day shotgun.  Unlike Chris, I’m simply terrible with a pistol.  At the end, they were kind and gave me a paper that more or less said, “this guy is really terrible with a pistol but he managed to avoid shooting himself or anyone else, so there’s that.”  I came away with the distinct impression that a pistol was just a malfunction waiting to happen.  I even had a type-1 malfunction happen to me in one of the drills!  Which I cleared, thank heavens; can’t fault the training, it was excellent.

I didn’t like the rifle either.  It was this light, finicky thing that I basically didn’t trust by the end of the class.

Ah, but then there was the shotgun.  With the shotgun, I was flawless.  I never missed.  (“But, it’s a shotgun” I hear you cry.  Yes, exactly.)  As in, really I hit every single time.  With the solid shot, and the buckshot, at 10 meters, and at 50, I always got to hear this rewarding noise from the iron targets.  Oh sure, my shoulder was sore by the time I was done, but my goodness.  Did I mention that I never missed?

I came away with a very clear appreciation for which weapon I would go for in any sort of trouble.

Blessed shotgun.  🙂