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    Stan Robertson

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So is fracking bad? maybe, but is it worth doing?  are the risks worth it?  I don’t know, all I can seem to find is propaganda ladden often anecdotal pieces from both sides with little accessible scientific/measured/verifiable/trusted/reproducable data.   What I would like to see if an honest discussion on the risks of doing it versus not doing it.  But since we can’t even acknowledge the coming energy crisis, I have little hope of that occuring.


If the people of NY and PA would quit allowing disposal of frac water on the surface there would not be a problem. All the civilized states of the oil rich southwest US require disposal in deep underground formations. Fracking has been in use for there for over 50 years and it just is not a problem. Without it our oil and gas production would be one tenth of what it is presently and we would all be riding stick horses. It is time for the northeast to grow up.