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 Growing things takes time,  learning how to harvest and store what you grow takes LOTS longer.  I have been gardening fairly seriously for 4 years now and I know for a fact I could not get through a winter on my own harvests.  

I have lost entire harvests to ill timed frosts or pests.  I managed to screw up an entire batch of mulberries in canning.  (Mulberry syrup is good once in a while but 16 jars of it is a bit much….   not to worry I gifted and trded it.)

Some crops do not produce well for several years.

So, yes, go to Mom’s.  


Oh, and research what would be good tradables in your area.  Odd things that are easily stored work well – diapers (cloth) and feminine hygiene supplies,  chocolate and coffee,  alcohol and the ability to make alcohol and or cigarrettes are all good tradeables to have.  Medical supplies that can be stored are good too.