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Food Storage

  • Tue, Mar 22, 2011 - 02:37am



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    Food Storage


Greetings and Good Evening to all!

I am, as are so many, new to the prepping life, and need a spot of guidance.  I read about the big multi-family food storage day described on this site and how they used the oxygen absorbers and the mylar bags, etc.  I am all up for doing that, but I do have a Foodsaver V3825 (I think that the #!) and was wondering if I could possibly use that (it’s basically just a vacuum packer that heat seals the vacuum bag after it sucks the air out) to accomplish the same thing?  Maybe?  Or would I be doing myself a disservice in the long run?  Could/should I use it w/ mylar bags?  Would it be prudent to throw in an oxygen absorber in before I vacuum seal the bag?

I don’t want to cut corners, but if I have something that will achieve the same ends – I want to use it!

Advice/Ideas/Suggestions/Guidance/Insults?  :O)

Thanks in advance!


CVA – Welcome to the site.

If you have a vacuum sealer you could save on the cost of O2 absorbers, but I would strongly suggest you go with mylar bags and HDPE buckets/lids for the long storage plan.  You will save on the cost of the O2 absorbers, but that cost was minimal.  The majority of your cost is going to be the grains.  We got ours from Yoders – which, depending on where in Central VA you are, could be pretty close.