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Just a quick word – this is TOTALLY on topic. Maybe more so that half the posts here.
Feel free to talk on fitness as much as you’d like, and I’m glad to see it come up. I’ve been searching for the "reality" of strength and conditioning for a few years now, and so far believe very firmly in calisthenics, sprints and kettlebells. I’m not the most fit guy in the world, and I’m definitely not ‘big’, but I feel like my level of strength is proportional to my body weight, and can be improved further.

I’m interested to hear more about what the book says. Lately, I’ve been using a deck of cards, and drawing three on the half hours:
Spades = Pushups
Clubs = Bicycle crunches
Diamonds = Burpees (8 count body-builders)
Hearts = Flutter kicks or leg Raises
Jokers = Max Pullups (full arm extension)
2’s (any suit) = double next drawn (or first, if it is the last)
Aces = 10 jump squats


Take it easy and start small – any improvement is better than nothing! Start small and don’t watch for results.
They’ll find you.