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Good morning Doug, We just started using brewed compost tea and in just one week see really big differences.  Our seedlings are grown in Fafard 2, but this medium does not have much plant nutrition.  Our seedlings were really puny, although the ones that survived upon transplanting did fine. 

I started researching how to brew compost tea and found this guy in Alaska.  He is selling his formula, but there are plenty of other vids out there that tell you what to put into the tea.  The real trick is the aerator.    

In just one application, we have seen a huge difference in our plants.  So I highly recommend brewed compost tea.

Also check out the website  He offers really good info on brewing tea and making compost.

I add all kinds of stuff:  leaf litter, our mushroom compost, our homemade compost, mineral dust, worm castings, liquid kelp, liquid worm castings, fresh juice left overs, molassis (another secret to brewing tea), fulvic acid, powdered wheat grass, and brew for 24 hours.  If I can’t use it the first 24 hours, then I add some more sweetener and let brew for another 24 hours.  It must be used right away or you have to add more sweetener (the food for the microorganisms).

Happy gardening!