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The best part of that exercise must be how good you feel when you stop, LOL!

The best exercise you never heard of is Heavyhands Panaerobics, a video and book from 1987 by Leonard Schwartz, M.D. Without going into a long story, he was a psychiatrist who noticed he was getting in bad shape in his 50’s after sitting on his ass all day and became an exercise physiologist. He invented the red Heavyhands hand weights AMF still makes and wrote Heavyhands, Heavyhands Walking, and produced the 1987 video. He was a genius;you can figure the exact calories or METS for every exercise in his book/video and the exercises are all designed to maximize muscle strength and calorie usage. The problem is, it took work, and folks faded out after a while. You still see people walking with his weights, though they aren’t doing Heavyhands walking. He died a few years ago in his 80’s (cancer) but never got a DVD revision done. I’m probably the only person in the world still using his program, exercising in front of my tv 3-4 times per week. I’ll never go beyond two pounders;I think Dr. Schwartz was pumping 10’s in each hand, burning a gazillion calories per minute and developing great stamina and muscle. One of my few heroes, never got to meet him.

The video is unobtainable anywhere but the books are super cheap, used online.