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Hello fellow Crypto Crazies

Well it looks like the BTC ETF had as much long term influence on BTC as the halving a few months ago.  I'm glad it didn't get absorbed into the system's black hole since I assume it could be manipulated if it was.  Am I off base here?

What I'm wondering about is why DASH has been so explosive lately.  For almost a year it seemed to be tracking BTC, with the DASH/BTC ratio varying roughly between 0.01 and 0.025 in a sine wave like pattern.  So I exchanged my DASH when it hit 0.02 and a few days later it started to REALLY take off.  It's close to 0.06 right now.

I have also been tracking the DASH/ETH ratio.  It looks to be moving linearly upwards, though I haven't checked it lately.  Is DASH and ETH the 2nd gen BTC?