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Environmentalism is recycled communism and nazism

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  • Sat, Jan 10, 2009 - 02:27pm


    Ray Hewitt

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    Environmentalism is recycled communism and nazism

Reisman hits another nail in the head.

In another article on environmentalism, the writer poses that if they get their way, they will produce the very effects they want to prevent.

Don’t Expect an Ecologist to Understand Capitalism

In the end, Diamond’s understanding of the modern economy is weak. He
does not account for the ongoing increase in the amount of real
economic output that the advanced economies extract from each unit of
energy. He does not account for the ability of market prices to provide
incentives for people to use resources efficiently and find innovative
means of producing them. He uses the term "value" more often to refer
to nature and wilderness areas than to human goods like transportation,
food, shelter, and entertainment. For example, he declares a remote
nature park in Australia "an especially valuable area" (p. 400). Ayn
Rand would ask: "of value to whom, and for what?" By the measure of the
market, i.e., the measure of people, it is land in the densely
populated, intensely technological heart of a great city that is
"especially valuable."

The world could end up, as Diamond fears, a denuded and impoverished
wreck, Easter Island writ large. But that day will not come as long as
free people are able and willing to employ science and technology to
solve their problems. The greatest danger to the world is that a lack
of freedom—and, hence, a lack of capitalism—will lead to more suffering
and social collapses like those we see today in much of Africa. But
with his ecologist’s blinders on, Diamond fails to grasp this crucial