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energy use

  • Tue, Nov 08, 2011 - 03:21am

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    energy use

MIke,  If you use 1/3 the power that’s impressive.  Adding up my total energy footprint:  My transportation fuel(s), plus pellet fuel for heating (not electric resistance from the solar, I power a pellet stove 60 watts per hour) and my electricity, totals about 23,000 KWH per year energy equivelants.  Before the volt I was at 50,000 equivelant.  For you to use 1/3 that would be about 8,000 KWH equivelant which is like using 100 gallons a gas over a year, and a cord or ton of pellets.  That leaves nothing for oil, nat. gas or electricity.  In your situation I’d just get a used prius or Leaf rather than covert unless you’re very handy etc…  Tires will just be very pricey and or they’ll have to re-tread them instead of making new ones etc…..