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Employment Dismissal

  • Fri, Mar 18, 2016 - 07:05am



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    Employment Dismissal

Bankers Slave,

I know exactly where you stand … and where you are coming from. I would discuss the events surrounding 9/11 on my lunch time with my fellow workers. They were generally more concerned with the current reality TV shows than anything real. I grew weary of talking to a wall, so I kept my opinions to myself. After the NIST report came out, the engineers in my office and I started talking about 9/11 again. Apparently, it upset someone.

One day, my immediate boss brought me into the office and told me that I would face termination if I talked about 9/11 on site. After a few questions, I realized that the dictate was coming from a higher office. My boss was put into a delicate position. I talked it over with my wife that night and decided that keeping my mouth shut was the best option since I only had a few years to retire.

There is rarely a clean choice without detrimental consequences. Had I spoken about 9/11, I would have been terminated. Whenever someone would ask me about 9/11 (and why I no longer talked about it,) I would tell them that I can no longer discuss anything that happened between Sept. 10th and Sept. 12th, 2001 at work under threat of dismissal. Then, we'd go to the local pub after hours and discuss it over a beer. I actually got further one on one than talking to a lunch time group with a defender of the official story leading the attack.

These are rhetorical questions: If you look for employment elsewhere, what consequences will you face? Will the new place be more accepting of your thoughts on 9/11? Can you find any alternative approaches that are consistent with your goals, mindset, and convictions? If you throw yourself on the sword, will it further your cause? Will it bring back the 343 murdered firefighters? Will it bring justice to them?

Sometimes, the best thing to do is walk away and live to fight another day.