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Emotion based support for Trump?

  • Wed, Mar 23, 2016 - 02:29pm


    Jim H

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    Emotion based support for Trump?

From Hugh's previous post;

Jim H wrote:

I was fooled by Obama the first time… I can't be sure that Trump will not fool me again.  I do though think he is giving the Neocon's fits.. that he does not actually want war.. that he does not want the US meddling in foreign affairs so much.  He has said such.  

They don’t like Trump because says he’ll work things out with Putin…Trump also says we’ve got to reinvestigate 9/11 – well this drives the neocons wild. You have to ask yourself, if the 9/11 story was true, why would the neocons care if it was reinvestigated? But they are so opposed to it that there has to be something wrong with the story.   – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

I will vote to purge the Neocon war party from power in the US as best I know how. 

I appreciate Hugh your attempts to trivialize my writings and positions as, "emotional" rantings.. and your command of English, including the use of words like, "facile", but my views are no more emotional than yours – they are just different.  I (like David Stockman) want the war mongering Neocons out of power.. and I think Trump may be the best route available.  That seems fairly logical to me.  Others think Bernie is the best way… and I would not be against supporting Bernie for that reason alone if I thought he had a chance.