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EDC med kit

  • Wed, Mar 02, 2011 - 06:45pm



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    EDC med kit

I have my old jump kit that I keep handy, and it contains the following items:

1 pair EMT Scissors

4 surgical razors

1 Pack alcohol pads/ wipes

4 bottles iodine/ providone topical solution

2 EZ scrub surgical iodine-providone brush/ sponge

3 tracheal tubes 2 adult/ 1 child

1 heimlich chest drain valve

4 field dressings w/ wrap

2 abdominal dressings

6 ace bandages

10 intersorb stretch gauze packets (can be stuffed whole into a wound and wrapped with ace bandage for a compression bandage)

6 – 10 cc syringes

4 eye pads

20 4×4 sterile pads/ cover sponges

8 angiocath (16 guage/ 2 inch)

2 – 3 way  IV stopcock

2 -1000ml lactated ringers IV solution

2 -500ml lactated ringers IV solution

2 universal flex splints

2 splint boards

1 finger splint

2 cpr 1 way valve shields

I also keep two combat lifesaver bags with lesser amounts of the above listed items in my vehicles.

If you decide to follow this example, make sure you keep your supplies up to date. If you do have IV fluid or other items that are out of date and an emergency arises….USE THEM. It is easier to administer antibiotics to someone who is alive but suffering from infection than to try it on someone who died bleeding out without the administration of blood expander.

Always get proper training!

Oh yeah, I have some apsirin and motrin 800s too, for those light days….LOL.

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