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economics and the real world

  • Thu, Mar 17, 2016 - 04:53pm



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    economics and the real world

There's a reason economists take a lot of hits. Taking a quick peak at some of his prior work along with this, it appears, like many academics, he equivocates the discovery, development and use of fossil fuels with other resources (and other chapters in history). The problem is the physical world cares very little about academics and runs….well on real things. It not only runs on things, its many many systems work on multiple principles of balance and distribution and competition.- physically, chemically, biologically….. Its not the biggest stretch of logic to think that digging up and burning an amazingly condensed energy source that took millions of years to form, and just as important, has been sitting inert in the ground for millions of years, and then burning it into a closed, global environment just might cause some systemic imbalance. It also might not be a stretch to assume that the very very unique 150 year chapter of using this stuff would mistakenly and dangerously create distorted economic philosophies of infinite growth along with a very very dangerous dependency on this energy (and its destructive forces) to do all of the worlds work. As Chris wisely points out again and again, the next few decades will be nothing like the last. This moment in human history was perhaps inevitable. The only real question is how quickly we see the cliff and how intelligently we hit the brakes and turn the wheel.