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earthwise wrote:frobn

  • Thu, Oct 13, 2011 - 05:41pm

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    earthwise wrote:frobn




A simple request @gregroberts and @darbikrash

I and I think others here would like to know how your political ideologies shed light on OWS. In other words how do you ideologies effect OWS and how does OWS effect your ideologies?[/quote]

I am assuming by the silence that the answer to my question is that "political ideologies play NO part and have NO influence on OWS."


Assume nothing from silence. I’ve been itchin’ to jump back into the fray, but time constraints have prevented that from happening. (This quick note has already made me late. Doh!) Perhaps the two guys you were hoping to hear from have been likewise delayed. Or maybe they met in a dark alley somewhere to duke it out![/quote]

A dark alley is the best place to fight to duke out political ideology, but I will continue to assume that no reponse is indicative that "political ideologies play NO part and have NO influence on OWS."

I know seen in another post Gandhi’s four stages of winning:

First they ignore you – check – mainstream media ignored OWS


Next they laugh at you – check – mainstream media and political parties laughed at OWS


Next they fight you – check – the tea party and republicans are calling their troops for an all out fight against OWS


Then you win – ? – although I believe the participants have won already, just not how they themselves or others have expected them to win, but that is for another discussion.