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Incredulity is not an argument.

Consider these seemingly unrelated facts.

  • The USA is joined at the hip to both Israel and the House of Saud.
  • The moon is exactly placed to perfectly occlude the sun
  • The moon sounds hollow.
  • We were well aware of the exponential function in 1974. Dr. Gerard K O’Neil offered us the perfect solution. We decamp to the leGrange points and make astronomical profits. He offered it up to Congress for their consideration and they turned it down in favour of bombing rice farmers in Vietnam. (They knew something we don’t)
  • We never sent Apollo 20 to the moon. (Why not? It was a sunk cost.)
  • The military lie as a matter of cause.
  • When a primitive civilization meets an advanced one, the inferior one is eliminated.
  • Einstein conflated mathematical dimensions with physicals ones and invented his bent nothingness. Pari Spolter is attacking Newton, perhaps surprisingly. (No Gladys, we don’t know everything about everything.)
  • Townsend Brown offered up his anti-gravity devices to his friend, Admiral Rickover in 1957. A working demonstration, no less. Admiral Rickover told him to cease and desist. Why? The Navy was not interested in anti-gravity? Of cause they weren’t. That would be cheating!
  • Catherine A Fitts and Prof. Skidmore found $21 Trillion Missing from the books. And then the accounts department stopped co-operating. (21 Big Ones buys you a whole new civilization)
  • And then there’s Operation High Jump.
  • And the undeniable crop “circles”.

Not enough? I have others. (Did I mention the non impact registered on the seismographs on 911? (Dr. Judy Woods)

My point here is that we are not being told the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.

What we have got is Models of Reality.

Drawing upon the evidence. The moon is artificial, hollow and owned by somebody else, and No, they are not giving Dr. O’Neil permission to dismantle it for his le Grange project.

In fact they withdrew any invitation, implied or otherwise, for us to visit the moon, until we got our act together. (Getting our act together means dropping the population by 2/3, hence the gene modification fracas)

So the MIC chanced their arms and sent Clementine, a military spy satellite around the hidden side of the moon to search for targets. Those who built and own the moon took a dim view of this and responded by telling the MIC exactly what and when their response would be. 911, Downtown NYC, the twin towers turn to dust.

The MIC was unable to respond. So they did what they always do, they confabulated a layer-cake of lies. Jeb Bush, mini-nukes, Jews, Arabs, airplanes, thermite; all garbage.

Further study: “Who built the moon?”, “Walking Among us” Dr. Jacobs, anything by Linda Moulton Howe and others. “The Thunderbolts Project” on Youtube and especially the implications of the results of the SAFIRE experiment. Apologies to those I have left out.