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    dose of reality

  As reallity  check I got this week .. I use to bag groceries at the commissary  in  the late 70’s   $300  would fill three carts  . Last week $500  filled one cart .  Yes we make more than 5x what we did back then   but  it feels like we should be more financially secure .,    I grow my own  fruits , veggies ,and meats  but there are still things we go to Chinamart to buy . Thus we prep for finacial collapse to get out of control  .    Can  we survive  the collapse…it is not for us to know .  I will take one day at  a time  enjoy the sun rise, the sunset , the moon, and the stars .  I have to admit that there are still days  where I will  have a panic moment  of doubt .. have I done enough ?   How Long is this thing  going to take ?   And so  on but worrying adds not one day  to my life and I choose not to live in fear .

 Reality is…  in 2002  75 trains a day  came through here  carrying  things …  everyone one  wanting things .  Today  48  trains went through ..   People still want things  but are not able to purchase  them .   Eventually most  people are going to figure out that things do not make their self worth and they will not make them  happy or more secure .    They will  learn that where their treasure is  that is where their heart is .    My heart is not in things that  just weigh me down .

 I  pray Thee are a   humble  and honorable cop that will not be corrupted . The world needs more  honest  ones .   And it is still ok to carry a  pair of extra undies in your back pack   to be prepared for such a crazy situation  you might find yourself in blush