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Digesting “the lessons” of Ferguson

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  • Fri, Nov 28, 2014 - 05:15am



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    Digesting “the lessons” of Ferguson

Wendy, I read that the Gov. of Missouri held the National Guard back at the urging of US Attorney General Eric Holder (who no doubt was representing the POTUS).  I don't blame him for holding back: he didn't want to be blamed for an overly militarized response, again.  I wonder if Holder likes the results.

Then there's this:

The bitter irony of the Michael Brown case is that if he had actually put his hands up and said don't shoot, he would almost certainly be alive today. His family would have been spared an unspeakable loss, and Ferguson, Missouri wouldn't have experienced multiple bouts of rioting, including the torching of at least a dozen businesses the night it was announced that Officer Darren Wilson wouldn't be charged with a crime.

Instead, the credible evidence (i.e., the testimony that doesn't contradict itself or the physical evidence) suggests that Michael Brown had no interest in surrendering. After committing an act of petty robbery at a local business, he attacked Officer Wilson when he stopped him on the street. Brown punched Wilson when the officer was still in his patrol car and attempted to take his gun from him.

The first shots were fired within the car in the struggle over the gun. Then, Michael Brown ran. Even if he hadn't put his hands up, but merely kept running away, he would also almost certainly be alive today. Again, according to the credible evidence, he turned back and rushed Wilson. The officer shot several times, but Brown kept on coming until Wilson killed him.


This is a terrible tragedy. It isn't a metaphor for police brutality or race repression or anything else, and never was. Aided and abetted by a compliant national media, the Ferguson protestors spun a dishonest or misinformed version of what happened—Michael Brown murdered in cold blood while trying to give up—into a chant ("hands up, don't shoot") and then a mini-movement.

Then watch this Facebook "reenactment" of the incident produced by people from Brown's community.  Understand that the community that proclaimed innocent little Mike Brown was assassinated by a police officer for no reason don't get their news from CNN, Fox or the Associated Press.  I'm sure social media content like this 5 minute "reenactment" had much more impact on forming and solidifying opinions than the MSM or even the alternative media.  Watch it and weep.