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Death And Burial At Sea Is The Best Thing To Do

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  • Mon, May 02, 2011 - 10:28pm



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    Death And Burial At Sea Is The Best Thing To Do

Actually, I think death and a quick, anonymous Islamic burial at sea is the best thing to do in this situation.

1. You don’t want terrorists holding hostages or doing deeds to demand his release if he were kept alive anywhere (and the attendant drama, victims’ families asking for him to be released so their loved one will hopefully also be released, etc.)

2. You don’t want to provide any ideas of possible desecration of body, so you just hold a basic Islamic burial out of consideration for the rest of the Muslim world that we have to deal with (including Saudi Arabia and other sources of oil, Muslims in America and the rest of the Western world, etc.). Just get a few of our own Muslim chaplains in the military to handle it and it’s done.

3. You don’t want pictures of the dead body, nor of the funeral or burial, nor of anyone involved. Ever. You want nothing that can be impugned as desecration of a body, nothing that can be used as a potential martyr image or printed on posters for demonstration or rile-up purposes, nothing that can be used to find and target individual soldiers.

4. With an anonymous, hidden burial at sea in an unknown location (like the Marianas Trench), you don’t provide a shrine or site to visit or mark as “holy ground”.

As for burials as sea, though not preferred, there are precedents and it is accepted within Islam:

As to whether our government always knew where Osama Bin Laden was or waited until it was politically convenient (election time), or whether the event really happened, or whether he’s really still alive, that’s all up to you guys to debate. (Jager06 has share some good thoughts in the post right before mine.)

Personally, I suspect our government would rather keep him around for interrogation purposes while telling the entire world he is dead – unless his intelligence value was nil due to others having already taken up command and operations for the past several years.