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Thanks for the comments. I use a pair of M-Audio speakers. I like the output for the size. Unless I'm playing "Spinal Tap," I don't need to go to 11. With a small crowd, within 10-20 feet, you just need something decent. I would pick my monitors like my politicians, quality over power. As we know, the digital projector prices have been dropping and you can get something pretty decent for not much. Mine is now over ten years old and I have not needed to replace the bulb yet! I did some homework and found that critics thought SHARP's quality was equal to others twice its price. I have a sharp and am pleased.    

Like bankers, mosquitoes are a blood sucking problem here too. I have tried many methods. Some kids will spray on non-DEET products. I have also tried a number of organic methods which you can find on the web. Like everything else, different things have different effects on people…probably on different mosquitoes.

I am not a copyright lawyer and this is not copyright legal advice but… because the shows are free,  small and most importantly, private by invite only to the immediate "small" group of friends, they appear to fall within the "fair use" portion of copyright land. The rules and numbers, of course, have no absolute hard rules (leave it to lawyers) but the small, non-"public" and contained are big factors. Hence the title "The Poor Mans Home Theater" The law was never meant to stop inviting some neighbors over for a movie. On average, I have 20-25 folks – less than most sports championships. And I, and my children, know all of these people well, as friends. Of course I suppose three hundred "neighbors" would be a different issue. I do think this is an interesting area where the growing technology has changed the expectation of what the "average" guy can do.