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Great point. One of the problems im having in this conversation is trying to keep this a broad scope issue, rather than target any specific group. I agree with you – its not a choice, and that is a one of the reasons I can’t stand people being discriminatory on the topic.
In any case, the quote you cited is more about the macroscale process in the Anglo west and America to yield their established culture to accommodate feelings and beliefs that run contrary to what made their nations strong. This can be the acceptance of obesity (which has gone to such lengths as to start making clothing larger to make people feel as if they’re not fat) or the Belgian approach to radical Islam, which is literally destroying their civic freedom on the basic premise of “If you’re not with us, you’re a bigot who hates Islam”.

Its bulls•••. Its also not -at all- what’s happening here… Though minor parallels can be drawn to the GLAD issues I made note of.

In any case, I agree. Not a choice and thank you for bringing it up so I can clarify.