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Dangerous, and They Don’t Know It

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  • Fri, Aug 09, 2013 - 12:03pm



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    Dangerous, and They Don’t Know It


Great article, you may call it a rant, but I would simply call it a POV (point of view) article.  Thanks for sharing your insights.

I agree with many of your sentiments, but see a more dangerous side of this.  These people are generally on the statist central planning side of the equation.  They are entited to their opinion.  However, like our current leftist Elitest-in-Chief, they have a fundamental notion that they are better than everyone else.  You know, "the rich are not like you and me" mentality.

My experience teaches me that the rich are exactly like you and me.

They have their good moments, moments of charity and selflessness.  However, more often they have their moments of greed, competitiveness and need to stamp out their "competition".

This is exactly the mentality you describe, and it also quite correctly describes the left i.e. Democratic Party in the country right now.  We should acknowledge that the right can have moments that they can suppress ideas and competition, but I find the left is more instinctively and pervasively anti-American in that they believe so strongly in central planning and control by the intelligent elites.

It's not clear what percent the Silicon nouveau-riche you write about break down re power-hungry leftists or useful idiots.  I just know when they work with statists like Booker and Obama, they are taking the country to a very dangerous place.

The America I believe in is based on fair competition, openess to discourse on ideas, freedom to coexist even in disagreement, encouragement of those who have truly new ideas and are willing to work to realize them.  These guys are garden-variety command-and-control statists.