d-dimer test

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    d-dimer test

If it were me, I’d get a d-dimer blood test.  If it is normal, then its (probably) not about clotting & the shot.  If the d-dimer test is abnormally high, that’s a sign that there could be clotting involved.  If my doc wasn’t so understanding (he is, he puts up with the nuttiest things), I would just walk into one of these labs and order one myself.

But then again, I do tend to “doctor myself” a whole lot.


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If my d-dimer was high, I would then go and wave the result at my doctor, and say “hey, so what do you think this is about, and how can we fix it?”  Maybe there’s some idea he would have that might help.  That medical training has to be good for something, right?

Note this isn’t medical advice – its just what I’d do.  Blood tests are harmless enough, I pay $200 and get a piece of paper and perhaps an interesting chat with my doctor.

This is all a grand experiment.  Thank heavens they tested these shots for all of 3 months.  Warp Speed!