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crops, copper

  • Fri, Apr 17, 2015 - 07:53am



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    crops, copper


I believe some other commodities (the ag commodities) are definitely faster to respond.  Glut in soybeans: farmers just decide not to plant soybeans, and instead they plant wheat or corn.   Don't know if cocoa plants are one-shot or if they last for years.

But also, many crops are sensitive to oil prices, so while farmers can plant something different, higher oil prices result in higher crop prices.

But copper is actually pretty interesting.  Take a look at copper since 1960.  In real terms, price for copper has been declining over the decades, up until China appeared on the scene and peak oil hit in 2005.  Industry took 6 years, but finally responded by building a whole bunch of new mines.  Now China has slowed down building dramatically – that is, rate of increase has dropped off and so of course copper price has plummeted.  Its hardly fair to the poor miners, but there you go.