contamination meters

  • Tue, Aug 16, 2011 - 01:13am

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    contamination meters

 Hi Elsur,

This is what we used when I was in the navy.  I gather there’s a few of them rattling around the surplus marketplace:

The AN/PDR27 has a removable "beta window" shield on one end…so that one can detect beta + gamma (window open) minus gamma (window closed) for a reading of beta emitting contamination.  We used these for decontamination work, they are not high range.

You’d also want the ability to detect alpha-emitting contamination (verry bad if ingested); we used the AN/PDR56 scint detector:

 It had a very fragile element, as I recall (alpha particles are not very energetic – but they have a very high quality factor and are the most dangerous form of contamination when taken internally.  The foil over the probe therefore is exceptionally thin).

The civil defense meters I’ve seen are gamma-only, and seem to be calibrated into the "death zone" (!!)

As Dogs said, nothing worthwhile is likely to be cheap, and the things tend to be (relatively) fragile.