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coins in a hyperinflation environment

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  • Fri, Jan 20, 2012 - 06:57pm



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    coins in a hyperinflation environment

This stie says it better than I can… the advantages of having a few coins stacked…

Our currency, here in the US.. used to be backed by gold. The change we carried in our pockets were made of silver, copper, and nickel. Our paper money is now just paper, and all our coins are worth just a fraction of their stated value due to being made out of clad materials. Only the nickel survives and it is will likely be replaced with steel in the next year or two.

I saved silver coins from the days when I could get them at face value. They are now worth multiples of that. Copper pennies sell on eBay for 2 cents a  piece. Three years from now nickels will do the same, that is, if we don’t have hyperinflation.

Nickels are a bullion form of nickel and copper Just like Eagles are to gold and silver. Unquestionable authenticity, priced less than spot, accepted as currency anywhere, and in a worst case hyperinflationary event a potential windfall. So why not stack a few?