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Coin Shop Experience

  • Tue, Nov 11, 2014 - 07:14pm



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    Coin Shop Experience

Thought I would pass this along. I live in Vermont and stopped by one of the two coin dealerships in Burlington. I do business with both.  I asked for one ounce of silver and the woman behind the counter responded that she didn't have much.  When she brought out what they had, I was astonished to see that they only had four ounces left in the store.  Don't think they had any junk silver available either. When I asked her about the sales….she replied that people were buying….but that the store was not going to go out of their way to purchase anymore.  She said that they have lost a lot of money on the last two purchases they made (I didn't feel comfortable asking her at what price that had been) and that they were not going to be putting in any orders for a while.  She said they would purchase whatever came over the counter, happily, but that with the price drop it didn't make any sense for them to keep inventory.

Just wonder if other people are starting to have similar experiences. Also, just wondering about supply and demand.   Perhaps we have reached bottom and the shortage/squeeze has begun.