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Cod Liver Oil In Same Category As Seaweed

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    Cod Liver Oil In Same Category As Seaweed


I am not an expert on the iodine issue but i believe what we are doing with the iodine tablets is just saturation of our thyroids with iodine so they don’t suck up the radioactive iodine to make thyroid hormone.  In this case plain old cod liver oil a tsp a day should suffice.  Has anybody read anything about this?



Yes, I read that cod liver oil has something like 800 micrograms (or less than 1 milligram) per 100 grams. So even slurping up a kilo (2.28 pounds) of cod liver oil would only give you about 8 milligrams of iodine. (I don’t know which kind, but it is likely potassium iodate.)

The idea is to effectively (warning: not without side effects) oversaturate the thyroids, and that’s why they prescribe such a high dose 130 milligrams of potassium iodide per day over for the 14-day treatment course.

Unfortunately, even eating a lot of salted seaweed soaked in cod liver oil ain’t enough.