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  • Tue, Sep 13, 2011 - 05:12am


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Well, here in the Netherlands we had a very dry, hot and sunny spring. Summer was cold and wet. Now it is still to humid. Tomatoes are suffering of blight, even in the greenhouse, although the greenhouse harvest was good. Never had so much and so big (early) potatoes, but we had to water them. Most fruit did and does very well, except for cherries and plums. Wheat was good, but the straw is lost due to too frequent rain. Onions were early too, just like pumkins. Many beans. Much of what is still standing is suffering of the moist and caterpillars. The later could be caused by the fact that our permagarden has not yet stabilized.

All in all not a too bad season, just some vegs did fine, while others did not. Perhaps next year it is the other way round. Doesn’t matter, canned vegs and fruits last over two years anyway, so we remain to have a very wide diet.

Regards, DJ